IV Infusion

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IV Infusion
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This product is not available to purchase online. Please book an appoinment with our medical providers and purchase from them. 

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Discount for Bodyvision Members

ProductRetail PriceDiscount for Bodyvision members
Botox $10/unit $8.5/unit if buy 1-20 units $8.25/unit if buy 21-40 units $8/unit if buy 40+units
Juvederm $500/syringe $400/syringe if buy 1 syringe $375/syringe if buy 2 syringe $350/ syringe if buy 3 syringe
Voluma $600/syringe $500/syringe if buy 1 syringe $475/syringe if buy 2 syringe $450/syringe if buy 3 syringe
Volbella $400/syringe $300/syringe if buy 1 syringe $275/syringe if buy 2 syringe $250/syringe if buy 3 syringe
Kybella $500/vial $400/vial if buy 1-2 vials $375/vial if buy 3-4 vials $350/vial if buy 5+ vials
IV Infustion $169 for500ml bag;
$199 for 1000ml bag;
$25/additional shot
$90 for 500ml bag;
$140 for 1000ml bag;
$15 per additional shot
TruSculpt Treatment $200/applicator 10% Off for 1-2 applicators, 20% Off for 3-4 applicator 30% Off for 5+ applicators

Why Drip?

Intravenous (IV) Drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to flood your body and nourish itself at the cellular level. By using this method, we can safely deliver larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated orally.

While our drips are administered in as little as 30 minutes, you begin to feel the effects immediately with 100% absorption and complete rehydration. Say goodbye to entire days wasted feeling hungover, lethargic, jet lagged, or recovering from strenuous exercise and activities.

we offer customized IV vitamin drips and boosters that maximize health, performance recovery, and wellness. Whether your needs are reparative or preventative in nature, IV therapy is the only process that ensures 100% of its nutrients are absorbed. Visit with one of our certified nurses or medical consultants to discover your perfect drip!

Our Drips Menu

    • Hangover Drip: Hangover cure to get you back on track and back to life. Stop letting hangover’s keep you down and out. With our premium party drip, you can press rewind on your burn out. Instantly reverse your hangover with a high dose of fluids and vitamins that rehydrate and detoxify cells, plus anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and acid reflux meds that alleviate headaches and distress.

    • Wellness: Assists in removing toxins, relieving stress, and improving well-being. Think of this drip like a little magnet that goes through the body and attracts the toxins and heavy metals like lead and mercury and draws them out. Feel cleansed and refreshed with our detox drip, and revitalize your well-being.

    • Performance Drip: Muscle and fitness enhancement to achieve maximum output and recovery. Whether you’re a runner training for a marathon or you want to get ready for a big game, our fit drip provides all the fluids, nutrients and electrolyte replacement you need. When your body starts screaming for a break, our fit drip provides the muscle and body relief to help you recover quickly and get you back into your fitness routine.

    • Hydrate Drip: Balances your body with fluids and electrolytes. The most vital element your body needs for optimal functionality: water. Our base drip can help restore proper hydration, replenish your electrolytes, and flush out toxins so you can reach your optimum level of health.A  great option to feel revitalized and refreshed.

  • Anti-aging Drip: Tightens and brightens to help turn back time from the inside out. Through this drip, we can remove toxins and allow your skin the ability to regenerate, rejuvenate and recover. Create a new, fresh look and “glow” with our exclusive formula that utilizes specific vitamins and minerals to saturate the skin cells.

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I love this service. I went in for an immunity boost when I was just starting to feel like I was getting a cold. I immediately felt better within 20 minutes of my service. The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable. I am going to make this a regular happy. Very pleased with my visit.
Review by Sheera Hunt / (Posted on 4/28/2017)
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